Matt Roumaya

Matt Roumaya

I’m a Data Solutions Engineer @ Atorus. My goal is to share trivial and occasionally useful R content, learn from and connect with others in the data community, and contribute to open source. I live in Philadelphia with my amazing wife Molly, our two cats, Mango and Phil, and our dog Donut.


  • All things R
  • Heavy music
  • Vegan baking
  • Sometimes running
  • Strong coffee

Recent Posts

A Sort(a) Useful Trick

My blog is depressingly stagnant and I want to make more of an effort to just post things without putting too much thought into it. For that reason, this post will be extremely brief, and will just show a useful trick that uses dput(), which was unfamiliar to me until I started looking for ways to contribute to the R tag on stackoverflow.

Using {foreach} to Speed up Parameterized RMarkdown PDF Reports

Recently, I have been working on a project to find alternate methods for creating PDF score reports for assessments that have typically been made using Microsoft Access. As someone who has literally never had a fun time working in Access, I was thrilled to be assigned to this project, and was then quickly humbled by the task at hand.

52 Different Ways to Rename a Column in R

I haven’t posted for a while, and came across a tweet from Angie Jones that I really related to. I ran into a basic configuration issue and couldn't find a solution online.


The past few months of work-life have been constantly busy with survey design and analysis. COVID has really changed the landscape for just about everything, and leaders of projects and departments want and need to implement change quickly, and survey research is helping to inform speedy decision making.

Tidying The Survey Monkey Doubleheader

SurveyMonkey 🐒 is a popular online survey development software that outputs a very frustrating kind of response file. If you’ve ever received exported results from SurveyMonkey, you probably know what I’m talking about.