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Matt Roumaya


October 22, 2020

In April 2022, I launched as a way to stay connected to the local music scene that I’ve rarely engaged with since COVID-19 ruined everything.

With the immense help of my amazingly talented colleage and R/JavaScript developer Maya Gans, I’ve jumped head first into the world of JavaScript and am totally hooked. In future posts, I’m planning to write up my experience of learning JavaScript as a (primarily) R user.

Even though I’m stoked about JS, I’m still just as much of an R nerd as ever, and wanted to make all of the data on freely available whether it’s in R, a Google Sheet, .csv file, or any other way that could help people in the Philadelphia area find cool shows to go to. So for now, I’m excited to introduce a one-function R package that makes all of the data super easy to pull.

Introducing the {phillymetaldata} package. You can find the repo here!

phillymetaldata R package hex logo

Install {phillymetaldata}

To install {phillymetaldata}, run:


Get Data

Getting data is as easy as typing “get_data()”. In fact, that’s all you need to do:


data <- phillymetaldata::get_data()

In the table below, you can see a consolidated view of the data available from get_data(). I removed the unique key/id, whether the entry was validated, and the URL, just to make it a little cleaner to view.

data %>% 
  head(n = 10) %>% 
  select(-c(id, validated, url)) %>% 
  gt::gt() %>% 
    added ~ px(150),
    show_date ~ px(200),
    description ~ px(250),
    venue ~ px(250)
added show_date description venue
2022-04-11 2022-04-09 Julia's War Fest Day 2 Ukie Club
2022-04-11 2022-04-10 Julia's War Fest Day 3 Ukie Club
2022-04-11 2022-04-23 Illusions Of Grandeur // Empress // Sequoia Grove Dobbs on South
2022-04-11 2022-04-30 Traitor // Roadkiller // Brazen Hell // Skullovich Kung Fu Necktie
2022-04-11 2022-04-30 Testament // Exodus // Death Angel Starland Ballroom
2022-04-11 2022-04-30 Cavern Womb // Coagulate // Castrator // Viogression // Mortuous // Scattered Remnants Warehouse on Watts
2022-04-11 2022-05-01 Bastard Cross // Night Hag // Soul Devourment // Blood Spore // Ectovoid // Phobophilic // Vastum Warehouse on Watts
2022-04-11 2022-05-06 Knocked Loose // Movements // Kublai Khan // Koyo Starland Ballroom
2022-04-11 2022-05-06 Clamfight // Wax Brain // LMI // Endless Teeth // Fright Century
2022-04-11 2022-05-24 Nine Inch Nails The Met

Looking For a Show?

If you happen to be an R user and metalhead/punk/heavy music lover, and also happen to be in the Philadelphia area, you can look for shows to check out by filtering for upcoming shows. (You can also just check out

To do this, just use the upcoming_shows_only parameter:

get_data(upcoming_shows_only = TRUE) %>% 
  head(n = 10) %>% 
  select(show_date, description, venue) %>% 
  arrange(show_date) %>% 
  gt::gt() %>% 
    show_date ~ px(200),
    description ~ px(400),
    venue ~ px(250)
show_date description venue
2022-10-23 Chat Pile // Orphan Donor // Planning For Burial Underground Arts
2022-10-25 Dead Boys // Suzi Moon // Tone Bandits Kung Fu Necktie
2022-10-26 Asagraum // Cultus Profano // IATT // Blasphemous // Sakrilejist The Fire
2022-11-04 AFI // Drab Majesty Franklin Music Hall
2022-11-05 Russian Circles // REZN World Cafe Live
2022-11-06 Off! // Zulu First Unitarian Church
2022-11-13 Black Flag // T.S.O.L. // The Dickies // Total Chaos Starland Ballroom
2022-11-20 Saetia // Soul Glo // Massa Nera First Unitarian Church
2022-11-22 Amon Amarth // Carcass // Obituary // Cattle Decapitation The Fillmore
2022-12-05 Blitzkid MilkBoy

That’s all I have for now!

I’m going to see Chat Pile tomorrow so you should check them out too: